Treo 600 Upgrade

I have wanted to upgrade my Treo for sometime now. I have a 300 model. I was looking around on ebay and found that some with bad screens were selling around $50 and then a replacement screen was another $50, so I was thinking of doing this over the next couple of months and then Saturday someone put up a Treo with a bad screen and comes with a replacement screen for $50. I emailed the seller to get the phone ESN number and then called Sprint to make sure I would be able to activate it and sure enough it was good to go. I should have the phone sometime later this week. I will post how the surgery goes with replacing the screen. Here is the auction if anyone cares to see it and you can read about the features here It is still an older model, but quite an upgrade from what I have now. The current model is the 650 and the newly released 700w that now uses Microsoft Pocket PC for the OS.


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