New iPod

For those that remember I got a good deal for a video iPod from my nephew. It had some scratches the I was able to clean out with Brasso and make it shiny again. Anyway when I got it there was a section of dead pixels in the upper middle section of the disaplay it still worked fine but when view videos it was kind of annoying. I decided to take it to the Apple store yesterday in Salt Lake and have a “Genius” look at it. I read on the Apple support forum that in most cases if the display is damaged Apple won’t take them back but I figured I would try it. Needless to say I showed him a clip from Transformers: The movie and the Genius was a fellow fan. He told me that he would give me a new iPod free of charge and asked how I felt about that? I of course said that would be great, so now I have a brand new iPod with no scratches or damaged screen. I am pretty happy about the whole experience.

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