Internet Woes

Well on Wednesday night my internet connection went dead. I figured I would give it a day in case maybe something was being worked on. I got home from work and it was still dead yesterday. Just to make sure it wasn’t the ethernet cable I went to the back of our duplex and plugged my laptop directly into the box and still no go.

I decided to call Mstar and see what was up. They guy asked me name and address which I gave him and he said they had no record of me in the system. I explaind that I had called on the 11th of Jan to have my service switched over to AT&T to MSTAR. He put me on hold for a little bit to see if he could find anything. He came back and said he couldn’t find any record of me signing up that day. I was pretty ticked by this point but tried to be nice to the tech support guy since I know what it is like to be on that end with an angry customer. Needless to say I am now scheduled to be setup with MSTAR by the 13th of February. Because of it being a switchover though he said it should be sooner.

The tech support rep was friendly and appologized for the situation. Now I am without Internet for a few weeks. I’m glad I at least have a data plan on my cell phone, so I can still check email that way. I am still ticked off though since my AT&T was supposed to end the 15th, so I called MSTAR and they had said the switchover would have been completed the Friday of that same week, so I should have only been without a couple of day, and now it is a couple of week.


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