Who is Blue Snaggletooth?

I thought for those who do not collect Star Wars just might want to know what this Blue Snaggleooth figure is that I picked up at CIV and why it is such an important figure. The info below is taken form this site Star Wars Figures you never knew existed The pic at the bottom was taken for another site as well. It shows the blue Snaggletooth next to the common red one. Once I get some time I will actually put up a pic of the one I purchased.Now on to the article:5% of you out there may recognize this fellow…its Blue Snaggletooth! Back in the day, Sears use to run some exclusive Star Wars promotions. In this case, it was a Creature Cantina playset that came with four action figures. There was a wider, completely national release of a cantina playset, but the Sears version was made of flimsy cardboard which could barely last ten minutes, much less 25 years, so its a rare piece to find today in any type of good condition. A few years back, I actually managed to land one of the playsets…the cardboard literally melted when you touched it. My eldest brother had scored a Blue Snaggletooth years prior, somehow convincing himself that a hundred dollars was worth it.The people who created Star Wars figures weren’t necessarily Star Wars freaks. And even if they did like the movies, there’s only so much you can figure out by watching a guy grab a drink for three seconds and dissapear forever. So, they made their best interpretation of what Snaggletooth should look like based on a difficult b/w still picture. Obviously, the end result was Snaggletooth On Steroids, but for all intents and purposes, its a pretty cool figure with shiny silver boots. While never sold in-package, he won’t cost you a fortune to buy loose. Around 150 bucks for one in decent shape. However, the price goes way up for a mint-condition Blue Snag, as wouldn’t you know it, silver paint is awfully easy to chip.Update Picture is now of the one I bought.

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