New Server

I was able to score a 20 gig hard drive last night thanks to Cory. I have pretty much everything transferred over. There are still a few things that I have to fix since LInux is case sensitive as compared to Windows. I am hoping for some input to find out if this is any faster on Mstar or not. I’m hoping it is since I was up until about 4:30 last night working on this thing. For those wondering it is now running on Ubuntu Server Linux 4.04 with Apache. All open source free software now instead of Windows 2003 Server with IIS like my last setup. Everything was installed with command line. There is no GUI installed on the system. If anyone still does find a hard drive for me I am still looking. I’ll set up a new poll about the server speed to get some feedback. Also the forums were purged. No one was really using them, but I found out there was a lot of spam in them. Guests can no longer post only registered users. Hopefully that will keep it down. 

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