Matte Story

Okay as promised here is the story of getting the matte for my coin frame.

Last Saturday I went to Roberts to see how much a matte would cost and if it wasn’t too much I was going to order it. I took in the board that has the holes cut in it and one guy measured it. I explained that I wanted it to be the same size as the board have the boarder be 2 inches. He took the measurements and then another guy took over at the computer and rung me up. I even showed them a picture of what I wanted which can be seen here.

Monday I got the call that it was ready to pick up. I was going to be without the car in the evening and Sarah had a little bit of time that she could go, so I asked her to pick it up. I thought all was well. I got home and they cut the matte too big. It surrounded the board rather than being the same size. I was ticked because that was the perfect night without homework that I could have painted the red inside.

Next day Sarah and I went back and I explained the problem this time to an older lady that worked there. She asked the guys if they remembered taking my order and they wouldn’t fess up even though I recognized them. The lady apologized about the mix up and said that she would have one made for me the right size and it would be ready tomorrow morning. I said that was fine since it would be around noon before Sarah could pick it up for me again. Since it was a smaller size I even got about $6.00 of my money refunded.

Wednesday around noon Sarah goes by and asks if the matte is ready. One of those same guys is there and he acted confused. He couldn’t remember what had just happened yesterday. Sarah finally jogged his memory by mentioning a coin frame. He said that it wasn’t ready, but that they would get right on it. Sarah finally was able to pick it up and this time it was correct.

This ordeal doesn’t really make me want to trust them with my final project when I go to get it framed. I chose Roberts in the first place because they are just up the street from us. When I am ready for the Framing though I think I am going to get quotes from Michael’s and Provo Art and Frame, so I can get an idea of prices.

At least in the end I did get my matte and it turned out exactly how I wanted it, but way too much hassle.


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