Return of Optimus Prime

A couple of weeks ago, while in St. George, I decided to unearth my original Optimus Prime and restore it. He had a lot of play from when I was a kid and is missing all of the add on pieces, but I thought it would be a fun project. The biggest flaw was one of the Smokestacks was broken and the other one was missing a lot of the chrome paint. I bought some replacements and installed them without any problems. A lot of the stickers on him are in pretty bad shape, but I found a cheap set from one of the reissues on ebay. Today my Knock Off Box and styrofoam insert came. Talk about flashbacks. Sure I’ve seen lots of pictures, but to see a prime now in the original style box really brought back some memories. I remember when I first brought prime home sometime in ’84 and my dad helping me apply all those stickers. He was obviously my favorite Transformer as with many of the kids who grew up in the 80’s. He looks great in the box, but I still have some repairs that I still need to finish and a few more parts. I was at one time considering fixing some of the paint on him that has come off from playwear, but have since decided to leave that alone as a reminder of all the fun I had growing up. Here is a pic of my original prime in the box and then another pic all 3 of my primes.


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