The Last Figure

Today I purchased the last figure of the basic Star Wars lineup from 77-85. The infamous Yak Face. There is some mystery about this figure. Basically the rumor is it was being saved by Kenner for a mail in promotion here in the states that never took place. The Star Wars line was cancelled before it was released. However he was released in Europe in a Tri Language package and in Australia on a Canada Power of the Force card with a coin. I picked up the coin a few months ago from a former Kenner Employee. I got the figure for roughly $102 once you do the conversion. They typically sell on ebay for $130-$160. He is one of those obscure characters from Jabba’s palace that only gets less than a minute of screen time. so if you blink you miss him. Also he has a resemblance to Joe Camel 🙂Auction Link

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