DHL Woes

I have never been a fan of DHL. It seems like every time I have something coming from them that they screw it up one way or another. My latest expereience is with my video camera. I noticed yesterday morning that my camera had made it to their center in American Fork in the morning. I figured it would be on the truck and ready to deliver the same day. That was not the case. Since I knew that I wouldn’t be home today or tomorrow to get the package Sarah and I decided to go and get it. We went in and there is no one manning the front desk. Just a bell. So Sarah rang the bell and we waited about 10 minutes before someone came to help us and at the same time a line with a couple of other people behind us formed. The DHL lady told me that it was in some kind of a holding box, so she could not get my package and that it would probably be Wednesday before it would come because that is the ETA date. Are you kidding me! My package has to sit about 5 miles away from my home for 2 days because of a ETA date. That is the biggest joke. Fedex, UPS, and even USPS would not do anything like that. If the package was here they would deliver it. Here is a pic of my tracking info.

Update: I just found out from Sarah that it was delivered, so I did get it a day early, but it still seems stupid to me that it had to sit there for 24 hours.


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