Macbook Pro Battery Problems

A few weeks ago I noticed my Macbook Pro was no longer giving me a warning when it was low on power. It would just shut off with no warning. Not sleep no nothing. The way it should work is with 10 minutes left on the battery give you a warning and then after that 10 minutes put the computer to sleep. Then if it doesn’t make it to a power adapter in time go into hibernation. I called Apple today and after a 30 minute phone call I am getting a replacement battery. Makes me glad I purchased the extended warranty. This will now be my 3rd battery since I have had the machine. The first one was part of the widespread recall that also affected Dell and several other manufactures and now this one. On the positive side I now have a fresh new battery on the way to start over again with.The other issue I have is my Magsafe power adapter is started to fray on the end. I know there were reports of this happening some time ago, but I figured I was immune. I was told by the Apple representative to take it to an Apple repair center to have them look at it, so I will probably go to Simply Mac by the University Mall tomorrow after class. I have read that the new power adapters have more insulation, so they do not have this issue.I knew when I bought this machine that since it was a 1st generation machine I might have some issues like this. Apple support has always been good to me when I have called in with one of the issues and I really love the computer. It has been a big help with school and fun projects.

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