More DHL Problems

Unfortunately Apple uses DHL as well. I figured oh well as long as I get my battery. Anyway the Apple representative got my address wrong. Basically everything was correct except he put the city as St. George. The address and zip code and everything else was correct. So I was tracking my package on DHL’s website and the tracking stated that they were waiting for the recipient to come and pick it up. I asked my nephew if he would take me since it was a day that I do not have the car. We went up there and I showed the tracking info to the DHL lady. She stated to me that she just put my package in the bin to go back to the sender because it said St. George. My package was still there, but they apparently put them all in a big box or something and they can’t get into it. I was really ticked. If they were going to do that they could have at least said so on the tracking instead of having me drive up to American Fork. Apple overnighted the battery, but DHL sent it back 2 day, so Apple should get it back today. I called Apple the same day this happened and they fixed my address, but said they had to receive the other battery back and then they will reship it with the right address. I’m guessing now it will be Tuesday before I get the battery. I was really hoping to have the fresh battery for our trip to St. George. On a good note Simply Mac did replace my power adapter, so I am good there. Now I just need the fricken battery.

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