Well yesterday was my birthday. I am now yet another year older and I guess wiser. It was a fun day. Sarah took me to lunch at an Italian place she had heard about. It was pretty good. We then saw the movie Beowulf. It was pretty decent and the CG was pretty good, but I almost feel it would have been better as a live action movie. Especially where they made the character look like their voice actors.

I made out pretty good on my birthday haul even though I bought a few items for myself 🙂 Sarah is going to buy me a poster frame when we find the right one for a poster I picked up at Celebration 4 last May. Once I get one I will post a pic of that. My parents also gave me a little money that I am working on a deal with an ebay seller right now to get one of the last 2 Star Wars mail away figures. Anyway here is what I ended up with: Masterpiece Starscream, Nikon F1.8 Lens (For project that will be featured in another post), Luke Skywalker Tatooine Coin (20 more to go), and Super Advantage Joystick that Sarah bought me at D.I. yesterday. Now Street Fighter 2 has that arcade feel again.


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