Black Friday

Well this Black Friday I did not camp out like last year. There wasn’t really any big ticket items I wanted. The main things I was looking for was a 100 pack of DVD-Rs and Mini DV tapes from Best Buy. I got up around 3:30 to get in line and it sure made me wish I was in St. George this year. I think as it got closer to the 5:00 opening time it got colder. During the last few minutes some of the Geek Squad guys drove by the line in their beetle and threw out shirts. Luckily I got one. Once in the store I was able to quickly get two packs of the DVD-Rs. One for me and one for my dad. I then asked 4 employees where the mini dv tapes were and none of them could point me in the right directions. I immediately had flashbacks of last year. Anyway the last person I asked told me that they were at the end of the checkout, which seemed logical since that is where they were last year. I waited in line for about 20 minutes and once I got to checkout I still didn’t see the tapes. I then asked the employee at the checkout who went to look for me. She brought back some of the more expensive premium tapes and I told her those were the wrong ones. She then went again and came back and said they were all gone and that they had been in the middle of the store. I was frustrated but appreciated how helpful she was compared to the other employees and told her thanks. At least they aren’t a big ticket item. I was just hoping to stock up for next year.

Sarah had to be to work herself, but she wanted a few movies, so I went to Target and boy was that place crazy. Luckily they had plenty and I was able to get the ones she wanted.

Finally I was contemplating a external hard drive since I have been without one for so long. I made it to staples a little late but they still had some 120GB USB drives however they required a mail in rebate of $30. I actually got in line and then changed my mind. I really wanted a firewire drive since it will be used for some of my video assignments. I already had an enclosure for one too. I found out CompUSA had a IDE laptop drive for $69, so I actually picked that up around 3:00 in the afternoon. I tried to just enjoy the whole experience and not let the crowds and things get to me like they did last year. I think the thing that really did it last year was the 2 hour checkout or so at Best Buy.

Anyway here is a pic of our swag.


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