Finals Are Over

Sarah and I barely made it through the week, but somehow managed. My worst final was a story boarding project that I just could never seem to motivate myself to do. I finally just loaded up an caffeine and got most of it done last Sunday. I stayed up until 2 in the morning.

I did have one test on Tuesday that I did okay, but could have done better. At least I was doing very well in the class, so it shouldn’t affect me too bad. The other final I was dreading was the Basketball game on Thursday for my broadcasting class. We had to show up at noon to start getting set up and didn’t finish until the game was over around 10:30. The main thing about that final was that I was one of the floor cams which requires you to have a roughly 50 pound camera on your shoulder the whole game. I did it once before and was sore for almost a week afterwards. This time wasn’t as bad because I bought some knee pads, so I didn’t have to stand the whole time. I was still sore for a couple of days after.

I’m glad to have this semester over with and am happy to have a break finally. I’m sure it will go pretty quick though and I’ll be starting over again in January. Now just have to play the waiting game until grades get posted.

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