Mouse Is Mighty Again

About a month ago my mighty mouse decided to stop scrolling completely. This has happened to me before and usually it can be fixed by just pressing down firmly on the scroll wheel and moving it around to loosen an debris. However, this stopped working, I tried using rubbing alcohol and lots of other methods I read online. I then found this site I didn’t really want to take my mighty mouse apart like that, but since it got to the point of that or buy a new one I figured it was worth a shot. The operation went for the most part quite smoothly. I found out that the little rollers had lots of threads that looked almost like lint that was stopping it from scroller. I pulled off the lint and then cleaned them with alcohol for good measure. Once I had everything together everything was working except scrolling up. I took it apart again and found a little plastic clip I had bent. Luckily it went back into place without breaking. Good thing I tested it first before I super glued the ring back on. Anyway now it is working like new again. Hopefully for another year.


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