Xbox 360 Fall Update

The new fall update for the 360 added a feature I have wanted since launch. The ability to play divx and xvid files. I downloaded the dash update and popped in Battlestar Galacatica Razor hoping it would play. Unfortunately I was presented with a message that I had to connect to Live in order to get the media update portion of the Fall Update. I tried for the last two days to sign up for Live with the free silver account and kept getting errors. I found out last night that you can sign up on, so I went that route and it worked. I then just had to sign in on the xbox with my Windows Live id and password. I must say I am pretty impressed that it works so well. That was one of the original reasons I bought an original xbox in the first place. Now if I can just figure out how to put videos on the 360 hard drive or setup my imac to stream the videos to the 360 I will be all set.

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