CES 2008

We finally made it back to Orem today from our CES trip. The roads were pretty good until we got to Fillmore. Anyway CES was as always fun. We didn’t really come with too much freebies this year. We got the usual T-Shirts, headphones, and a supply of the current tech magazines. I did get a bluetooth headset upgrade. It was from a company called Jawbone. Basically you gave them your old headset and they gave you a new one. I looked it up and the headset is worth around $80. So far I really like it. The audio quality is much better than my old one.

One product that I really enjoyed was the Creative Aurvana X-Fi noise canceling headphones. We were given a music and movie demo. The headphone really do sound like a 5.1 surround sound home theatre strapped to your ears. The only thing stopping me from getting a pair is the $300 price tag. They definitely compete with Bose though in quality.

We had a great time and it was nice to go back to the warmer weather for a few days. One final highlight was at the Dolby Digital booth they had a life size Bumblebee statue. I obviously loved it.


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