Goodbye Tilt

We are in St. George right now just before heading to Vegas for CES. Today we decided to go to the Red Cliffs Mall and hit a few stores. I had a quarter with me and thought I would relive my old days and go to the arcade. Unfortunately when we saw the entrance to tilt, the overhead lights were on and there was no magic glow from the arcade machines emanating. Instead a new store was getting ready to take its place. I should have known this was going to happen sooner or later since the arcade scene is pretty much dead. I will always have fond memories of playing the various versions of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat at my trips to the mall in the early 90’s. At least we have a nickelcade just up the street from us in Orem. We haven’t ever gone, but I think it would be fun. Hopefully they have some of my old favorite games there. Goodbye Tilt and thanks for the great memories. At least one of the neon signs was still lit up, so I took a pic.

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