Star Wars Collecting: Reflection '07 and Goals '08

Reflection ’07 This year was a very good year for my Star Wars collection. My 1st goal was to work on my display. I had originally wanted to buy a display cabinet, but the price always made it seem out of reach. Then I decided why not try and build my own. I’m still amazed at how well it turned out.Second goal was to finally make it to a Star Wars Celebration and add something to my collection to remember it by. This was when I picked up my Blue Snaggletooth figure finally and had a blast at the celebration.Another goal was to finally finish my figure set. This happened in August with the last figure Yakface. I remember when I first started collecting thinking that I would never own this figure. Luckily since then ebay has come about which has brought down some of the prices on figures once thought really rare. It was still an expense for me, but not as bad had I purchased him in the 90’s.Finally the last goal I had was to make a display frame for the coins. I always loved seeing the frames that other collectors had made and always wondered how they did them. Finally, a collector in the UK posted on the forums a guide on how he made his. I followed his guide with a few of my own modifications and the a lot of help from my dad. Again I am so happy with the results.¬†

Goals ’08 My main focus this year will be trying to add more coins to my set. I still have 20 to go and am hoping to add about 4 more. Once I have those then the price really goes up and will probably only be able to add 1 or 2 a year. Unless I bite the bullet by coming across a complete set selling off the extras to offset the costs.I also would like to add a few more figure variations. I originally wasn’t even going to go here, but recently I have been able to find some ebay auctions where the sellers didn’t know what they had. Just recently I got a $50 for $6.50. Always great to get a deal.Finally one figure that I have always wanted and never purchased is a Darth Vader figure from Return of the Jedi still packaged. I already have the Luke and obviously a Vader would go great with him. I have been watching these figures on evilbay, but haven’t been ready to bid on one yet.¬†Well that is pretty much it. I am still amazed at how much the collection has grown. I also pruned out some of the newer stuff last year that I can live without. I don’t want it to get too big. Finally I’ll leave you with a picture of my figure collection circa 1994 and then now.

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