Leopard Launch Picture

While at the Leopard launch at Simply Mac my nephew Justin and I had our pic taken by a photographer. We were asked our names and to show off one of the new features. We decided to bring up the screen for spaces showing all the virtual desktops that were possible. I had figured that the pic was never used as we never saw it show up in any of the local papers. Today I decided to google my name to get an idea of where my site ranks on the list and found the article to a link on USA Today. I think this is the first time that an article has actually had my name spelled right. For those interested it can be viewed at http://www.usatoday.com/travel/cruises/item.aspx?&type=photo&photo_id=08Qf6Su6nC6oA&pn=4&tid=0c1weWxcCd2pM


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