Video Camera Setup

My setup is now almost complete. Last semester I found out I qualified for the Smart Grant. I figured that would be as good excuse as any to finally invest in some video equipment. Last semester I bought the camera and the 35mm adapter. This semester I picked up the rod supports, lens mount, microphone, and a hard case. I still need to invest in a decent Tripod which I hope to do sometime in the next month or two. This semester for one of my class projects we get to shoot an 8 minute movie. My plan is to use my camera, so I can finally get some action out of it.

We are right now in the preproduction phase of the project. We have a script written and most of our cast. Right now the plan is to shoot over spring break. Anyone that is interested in helping out we will gladly take it. Our group is small compared to most. Just me and one other person.

I will continue to update as we get further along.


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