Ebay Feedback 200

Yesterday my ebay feedback hit the 200 mark. Pretty crazy, but I guess that is what happens over time. I remember when I finally broke off my dad’s account and set up my own. It seemed like it would be forever before I would have a decent feedback rating.

Overall I think I have had a pretty decent ebay experience compared to some of the horror stories. I did have the Nigerian scam where I was sent a check for several hundred dollars for a PS2. Luckily I never cashed the check on that one. Also the camera I bought when we first moved up here. The camera came with battery remains in the battery compartment. I promptly shipped it back and then after a month of calling back and forth with a threat after leaving a negative I finally received a refund. The last one was a guy that left me a negative because I sold him a wireless router without an ethernet cable. On that one I listed every item included, but his come back was that the original box said an ethernet cable was to be included. I guess I shouldn’t have shipped it with the original box on that one and I wouldn’t have had the problem. After some emailing back and for though he did agree to remove it since he could tell I didn’t do that on purpose.

For those 3 experiences though I have had a ton of good ones and some great deals along the way as well.

For those interested you can view my feedback at http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=skemple


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