Botcon 2008

This weekend is Botcon in Cincinnati Ohio. Details have surfaced from the Hasbro panel with images of new product coming out this summer and later this year. The coolest thing for me is around Thanksgiving they are going to do another reissue of Optimus Prime to kick off the 25th Anniversary which is next year. The Optimus Prime comes with a reprint of the first Transformers comic and a DVD with the first 3 episodes of the Cartoon. I already have 3 Optimus Primes, so I probably should pass but I will just have to wait and see. A few online stores are having sales for Botcon too. I am debating on wether to pick up Masterpiece Megatron. I have wanted the figure for about a year now and he is $20 off.

For those interested details and pics can be seen at
Universe Pics

Animated Pics

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