Encore #12 Metroplex Reissue

This news just made my day. Takara is reissuing Metroplex in September. Metroplex is one of the bigger Transformers. He transforms from a big robot into the autobot city. I originally had Metroplex when I was a kid, but sold him off in 2000 to help fund some Star Wars purchases. I bought another one about a year ago, but it was missing quite a few pieces. My plan was to complete it by buying the pieces here and there, but now with an official reissue I can get a brand new minty one. I will have to put my original on ebay though before the news gets out all over, so I can still get a decent price for it. I pre-ordered already on bigbadtoystore, but I can cancel anytime before it comes out in case I find a better price. Takara has got to stop doing this or my wallet will be empty. At least I do have some notice to get some money saved up.

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