Masterpiece Megatron

Well after mulling about it all day Sarah convinced me to go ahead and order a Masterpiece Megatron. I have wanted this figure for over a year now. The 1st batch sold out quickly and they starting rising to the $200 mark and then Takara released a second run a few months ago. Mine was $75 with the Botcon sale I mentioned in my earlier post, so I think I did pretty well. This figure will never get released in the U.S. since the toy laws have changed so much since 1984. To try and comply a lot of sellers have been opening them up and adding an orange plug to the barrel of the gun. I believe the seller I bought from though will not have the plug. Also, in Australia their customs actually started to seize imports coming into the country. Luckily I am buying from a U.S. seller, so it is already here.

I plan for this to be the last Masterpiece figure I add to my collection. There already are talks of doing the rest of the jets since all they have to do is recolor Starscream, but one jet is enough. Once I get him I’ll post a pic of the 3 I have.

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