NES Games I Have Completed

Last night Brandon and I got talking about the good old days of video games. Mainly theĀ third generation era. It got me thinking about how many games I actually completed during this era. I went through a list of all the NES games to see if I could remember the ones I finished. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing since it does show how much time I spent playing Nintendo during my younger years, but it sure felt good saving the princess the first time in Super Mario Brothers, defeating Dr. Wiley and his robots in Mega Man, or killing Medusa in Kid Icarus. My plan is once this semester is over to pull an all nighter and just play games. Should be a good way to relieve the pressure from finals.

Here are the ones I remember finishing. I think there may be more.

SMB 1,2,3
Castlevania 1,2,3
Legend of Zelda 1,2
Adventure Island
Blaster Master
Double Dragon 1,2,3
Wizards and Warriors
Ironsword (Wizards and Warriors 2)
Kid Icarus
Mega Man 2,3,4,5
Super Contra
Ninja Gaiden 1,2,3


  1. Those were definitely some of the tougher games. Especially the Ninja Gaiden games. I thought it was funny that with Blaster Master the whole point of the game was to go get your mutated pet frog back. I don’t think you would see a story line like that these days.

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