New Millennium Falcon

It has been rumored for a few months now that Hasbro was making a new version of the Millennium Falcon. Today pictures surfaced at proving the rumors to be true. From what I can tell it is still based off the original 1978 mold, but with some drastic changes to the inside. With the original and releases up until now you would take off the back section to reveal the play area with the chess table, hidden floor compartment, and Luke’s training area. The new version allows you to remove the middle section revealing other familiar parts of the falcon from the movie. The cockpit is also supposed to be bigger to fit the newer figures which has been a problem since the new figures started in ’95. The rumored retail price is around $150. I think I will probably pass on it though since I have two falcons already. The original ’78 model and the ’95 release that my brother gave me for my birthday. It will still be cool to see on the store shelves. Click on the image to see it in it’s full size glory.


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