Server Update Done

Well I decided to jump the gun and go ahead and do the server update at work over ssh. Everything appears to have gone smoothly. I just have to do a reboot when I get home. I would do it now but I never found a way in the bios to make it boot without a keyboard attached. Today was also the 100th day of uptime, so it is kind of sad that it will start over again. Overall I think the update took about an hour and a half and the only questions I had to answer was wether or not to overwrite my apache config files. Not bad considering it just came out yesterday. The media center at work running the desktop version took about 6 hours to download all the updates yesterday.

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  1. Cool post. I liked your cobra tat. That was funny. It reminded me of: “Cobra Kai never dies!”

    Anyway, I think my days at disted are numbered. Rachel really wants me to resign. I would be surprised if I am still there for Fall Semester. It has been a ton of fun though. Thanks for helping me out when I really needed it.

    We will have to get together some time and trade million dollar ideas back and forth. Have a fun weekend!

  2. That’s funny. Sarah actually bought me a Cobra Kai t-shirt the other day at FYE. Bummer that you will be leaving, but I’m actually surprised you stayed as long as you did. I’m sure you will enjoy having your nights back.

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