Weird Things You Buy As A Collector

Today I was so excited to see that my shipping box came. Yes just a cardboard box. So what is so special about this box? Well this box is circa 1985 and contained my favorite figure. Luke Skywalker as a Jedi Knight from Return of the Jedi. The box contained 96 figures on card. I wish it would have been full too. The buy it now on ebay was only $5.99 and generally any of these shipping boxes sell from $50-$100 depending on what era they are from and on top of that it was for my favorite figure. Last year after I finished my loose collection of the vintage figures I decided to focus on variations of this figure. Here is a group shot of what I have so far going from left to right we have: 65 (figures on back) carded Luke, Luke Sealed in Kenner Baggie (how they came from department stores like J.C. Penny, Sears, Montgomery Ward, etc), Made in Taiwan Blue Saber painted face sewn cape, The Shipping Box, Made in Taiwan Green Saber Molded Face snap cape, No Country Origin green saber sewn cape(my childhood figure), 77 back carded Luke. Seems like a lot of Lukes, but this actually just skims the surface of how many variations are out there. I still plan to add a Hong Kong Country of Origin Luke, 79 Back Luke, and Power of the Force with Coin Luke. Yes I am such a nerd,


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