Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive $10

We went to FYE recently and they had a big display sign that said they had the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive for $20 after rebate. I thought about it for a little bit while we walked around the store and decided to buy one. After the announcement that HD-DVD was dead Microsoft dropped the players to $49.99 which I didn’t think was too bad of a price of itself. Anyway that was the price I had to pay for it, but the real kicker is that it had a $40 rebate. Instead of the $20 after rebate advertised price it was really $10 after the rebate. Even though the format is dead I figure if I can get some of the movies for cheap it’s not that bad. Also since I have been collecting video games as of late it would go good with the collection as kind of a novelty item. Included with the set is also a new remote and King Kong on HD. Anyone that has a 360 and want HD for cheap I recommend picking one up. I doubt they will last long.


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