My Memorial Day Ebay Score

   I’ve been wanting to get a copy of Zelda: A link to the past for sometime now. Mario’s at the Towne Centre mall usually has a copy but they want $17.99 for just the cartridge. That is actually comparible to most ebay auctions though. Last night one was ending that included the original box and paperwork. Those usually sell in the $20-$30 range. There was only one bid, so I figured why not put in a snipe at $15.75 just for fun. If I get it great if not no big deal. Anyway I checked a little while later and I actually won it for $12.50. I’m guessing I got lucky since most people were out vacationing yesterday, so it managed to go under the radar. I look forward to going through this game again over the summer. Below is the infamous Japanese commercial. It is pretty silly, but at the same time fun to watch. It is then followed by one of our U.S. commercials. Here is the link to the ebay auction





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