Saga Museum Pre-Order

I’ve been following the progress of this book for some time now. I decided to visit the site to see if there were any updates and it looks like the preorder is up now. This book looks like it will be the most comprehensive collecting book ever. It covers pretty much every Star Wars toy related item from 1977-2007. The first 30 years of Star Wars. While visiting the site I found out it is actually going to be a two volume set. They are limited to only 5000 copies and will be shipped out tentatively in October. I hope to get my preorder in the next month or so. It is $75 plus shipping which probably isn’t too bad for a 700 page full color book. The website for the book is and the author Todd DeMartino is a regular forum member at rebelscum. His collection was featured at the 2nd Star Wars Celebration in Indiana. I wish I could have attended. A collection of pictures from that event can be seen here


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