Toys of the Lost Ark

Not only is today RSS day, but it is also the beginning of the onslaught of Indiana Jones merchandise. Sarah and I went to Target to check it out and they had lots of goodies. They had all the first wave of figures which were mainly from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Galactic heroes, and an Indy spud (Mr. Potato Head). I figured for now I would just get me an Indy figure. The last thing I need to do is start collecting another toy line. I’ll at least also pick up Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery) and maybe one or two others. 

Blockbuster also has some new prints from the new movie available and there is Indiana Jones themed M&Ms and a snickers bar with coconut flavor. I’m sure there will be much more to come as we get nearer to the release of the film.




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