Ubuntu on a Flash Drive

   A couple days ago I was asked if I could get Ubuntu on a flash drive, so we could give them away as a prize for our TTIX conference at UVSC. I have never tried this before, but thought it would be a cool task. I would have liked some more time to get it going, but we did eventually get it to work. My co-worker Rick found the tools for cloning the drives so we only had to go through the main procedure once. The tutorial can be read at http://www.instructables.com/id/Boot-and-Run-Ubuntu-from-a-Flash-Drive/. Jared, the one who asked me to try and accomplish this, was very excited when he saw it working. He posted on the TTIX blog about our progress. We ended up making 4 of these drives for him to give out at the drawing tomorrow. Everyone received a regular flash drive at the conference and we have actually received a few more requests from people that would like this done.

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