Utah Star Wars Collectors Club

I’ve had the idea for setting this up for over a year now. I was hoping last year at Celebration IV to go to the Collecting panel on starting up a club, but unfortunately it was on a day that we were not able to attend. I figured with some of the free time I have over the summer I would be able to get a website up and going and see if there was any interest. I think setting up a club would be a great way to meet other collectors in the area. Some clubs go as far as having formal meetings and such. I think some of those would be good, but at the same time a more casual setting would be fun too where everyone can just get together and talk about the movies, collecting or whatever. Getting to know other collectors in the area also helps greatly with networking. I wouldn’t have gotten half of the figures I wanted last year if it wasn’t for another Utah collector that I met on a message board. I was glad I was able to return the favor and get him the Celebration exclusive figures when we went to L.A.

Anyone is free to join. The temporary url is http://www.kemple.us/~utahswclub/ any comments and feedback are welcome.

Here are some links to some of the other clubs in the U.S.

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