Yard Sale Luck

Yesterday I saw a post on KSL about a Yard Sale. It mentioned having some Star Wars stuff from the 70’s and 80’s and a few other toy lines. They said they had planned to do an ebay business but it got to the point that they wanted everything gone. Sarah and I dragged ourselves out of bed, so we could be there at 8:00 this morning when the sale started. I was expected to just find a bunch of well played with beat up figures, but instead it was mostly ships. There was one bin full which I asked how much and they replied $3.00. I looked at the Millennium Falcon since I needed a few parts for mine and everything looked great. I decided I couldn’t go wrong for $3.00 so I decided to buy that bin. There was another bin with a few more things and a couple of figures. I was hoping to find a few Stormtroopers to add to my army, but only managed to find one Imperial Guard. It was on 50 cents for the figure. I also found a Revenge of the Jedi patch and a Kenner toy booklet. For those that don’t know Return of the Jedi was original titles Revenge, but a few months before the movie was released George Lucas decided Jedi do not take revenge and changed the title. However, a few items were released with the Revenge logo. I have a button with the Revenge logo that I picked up at a garage sale in Vegas and now the patch. I already have a lot of the vehicles already, so I plan to sell a few of them on ebay to make some extra money to go towards another coin or two for my frame. It was a fun morning. You don’t see vintage Star Wars at yard sales any more like you used to in the late 80’s and early 90’s, so it was exciting to pick some stuff up in person and not over the internet.


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