Comic Con Day 1 Round Up

Lots of great toy and movie news from Comic Con and it is only the first day. First is some great movie news.
 Hasbro had a panel that discussed the new G.I. Joe movie that will be out next year. It sounds like it is going to be good. Also they are going to release a new cartoon based on the original 80s characters, but this one isn’t geared to kids, but to us older fans. The cartoon is apparently going to have a PG-13 rating, so it will be much more adult than anything that has been released. I hope it turns out well. The whole panel article can be read here at

 Another surprise was some footage that was shown from Tron 2. The footage was of a lightcycle race. I hope the footage gets released on the internet sometime soon, so everyone can see. A description of the footage can be read again at

As for Toy news there was also lots. Some of the highlights for Star Wars are a new Target exclusive Battle at the Sarlacc battle pack which includes a rerelease of the tatooine skiff. The skiff was last released 10 years ago. Also to go with the Clone Wars is a Toys R Us exclusive Arc 170 rerelease and Wal-Mart exclusive Republic Gunship. I need to pick up the Gunship this time around to go with all the clones I have picked up over the years. Also shown was the AT-TE which is one huge vehicle. It will be released here in a couple of days when all the Clone Wars figures come out. 

Transformers so far they have shown the already announced G1 Optimus Prime reissue which will be released for the 25th Anniversary on Black Friday this year. There are supposed to be some more surprises for the 25th Anniversary, but that might be the next day or two. I’m hoping for a few more reissues.

Finally, tonight I received an email about the auction tomorrow. It included a few small pics of the display cases showing all the great items for auction. It looks like a Kenner museum. I really wish I could be there just to get a look at all the great items. The prices are all way out of my reach at the starting bids. All the items for auction though can be viewed in the downloadable catalog which is fun to just look through. The auction can be viewed live tomorrow at Hopefully some better pictures will show up online.

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