iPhone Details Revealed

AT&T finally revealed all the details for signing up and getting an iPhone. All the details can be read here. Basically it states that you can only get the $199 and $299 prices if you sign up with a new line of service or are near the end of your contract. This almost sent me into a panic attack. Well not really. Luckily I am still within my 30 trial period of my new contract. Sarah and I had some grocery shopping to do so I boxed up everything and took it with us to the Lindon Wal-Mart. However, when we got there the communications center person was supposedly out to lunch. We were told they would be back in about 20 minutes, so we did some wandering around and came back. They were still nowhere to be found. After waiting roughly an hour and a half the other employee started to make some calls. They still couldn’t figure out what happened, so we finally just left. While driving back home Sarah called the Orem Wal-Mart and we were told their communications person was at lunch but would be back in 20. We were assured that he would be back. We dropped off our groceries and went over. He was there just waiting to help someone. I was able to get my account cancelled and the cost of the Centro refunded. I had to talk with a AT&T rep on the phone that was very nice. I was just 4 days into my contract and if you are 3 they will refund the activation fee. She new I was planning on getting the iPhone next week, so she said she would see if she could refund my activation fee so I do not get hit with it twice. Luckily she was able to do it. I am now without a cell phone until July 11th but that is really just a little over a week away. I’m sure I’ll survive. It is pretty crazy though that I have done all this for an Apple phone. At least I know I will not regret it. Luckily I didn’t get signed up a couple of months ago and would have been out of my 30 day trial. Then I would have had to pay roughly $200 more for an iPhone. I don’t understand why AT&T has been so secretive about everything. They should have had their announcement at the same time Apple announced the 3G iPhone last month and not a week and half before launch.

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