iPhone Roundup

  It is almost that day, so I figured I would round up some of the great info that has been posted on the net to help get ready for launch. 

First is the iReady checklist which you can print out check off the options you want and take it with you to the store. It is designed to help speed up the checkout process at the store.

Next up is the main AT&T iPhone page which has answers to common questions and rate plans.

Also, Apple put up a video guided tour which shows some of the basics of navigating and using the phone as well as info about the new app store which allows you to download and install programs on your iPhone.

Since we are only a couple of days now from launch today some reviews of the new iPhone also popped on nytimes, utatoday, and allthingsd.com

Finally if you can’t wait until Friday to see what is in the box a video has already surfaced showing someone unboxing the iPhone.

Enjoy the links. I plan to get in line around 6 a.m. at the local AT&T store. I’ll take a few pictures to add to the site.




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