This Is Just Wrong

Best Buy is charging $19.99 to buy a copy of Ubuntu Linux and for an additional $129.99 the Geek Squad will install it for you. For the average consumer I could maybe understand the installation fee, but anyone can go and download the cd for free on the ubuntu website. You can even request a cd mailed to you on the website which I actually just did with the desktop and server versions and that is also free. If anyone out there wants to try it I will gladly burn you a cd. Ubuntu has really made some strides to make Linux user friendly enough for anyone to use. The cd is also live, so you can boot it up and try it out without having to install it on your hard drive.

Best Buy Link

Get Ubuntu Free

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  1. Nice.

    Reminds me of sites that try to pass off Pentium IIs as brand new $3,000 gaming rigs. Or sites that sell OpenOffice for $49.95… riiiight. I guess there isn’t very many honest companies left in the world.

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