25th Anniversary G1 Optimus Prime

Some new pictures have surfaced showing the new G1 Optimus Prime reissue we are getting here in the U.S.A. The figure is rumored to be released on black Friday this year. I haven’t heard if it is going to be exclusive to one store like the previous Toys R’ Us reissues or if it will be available everywhere. It was also supposed to come with a DVD of the first 3 episodes of the original cartoon and a comic. This new picture doesn’t show anything about the DVD, so maybe that idea was nixed. The pictures also show some variations in the figure that previous ones didn’t have. The blue and red colors are now brighter which actually make the figure look more like Generation 2 Optimus Prime. Also, roller is the blue variant where as the Toys R’ Us reissue from a few years ago came with the silver version. Finally like all of the U.S. prime reissue the smokestacks have been shortened to comply with current U.S. toy safety laws. Luckily reproduction long ones can be purchased fairly cheaply for the fan that wants Prime to look like the original.

Hopefully this means we might get some more reissues for the 25th anniversary next year. This figure is supposed to be a preview of the anniversary event.

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