My 99 Cent Nintendo

I have been toying around with the idea of adding an original 8-bit nintendo to my collection for some time. I had one, but with all my other systems I don’t have really any room to hook it up, so I sold it. I was then thinking about it and the Nintendo was probably the console I owned the longest out of any of them. It was originally released in 1985 and it was probably around 1987 when I got mine and had it until 1991 when I got a Sega Genesis. 

A little over a week ago I started looking at a few auctions and added them to my watch list. I was mainly trying to gauge about how much they were selling for. There were a ton of buy it now auctions for boxed ones that were $100 and up. Being the collector that I am I wanted to try and get one with the original box. There was also a site that I have bought a few things from and they want $65 for a boxed one which really isn’t too bad. I lucked out and found one where the auction title was just Nintendo Action Set. As it got to the final minutes of the auction I figures why not place a bid. I put a max bid at $10 and figured no way I would get it. The auction finally finished and I was the only bidder, so I won it at the starting bid of 99 cents. I did have to pay shipping which was $20 but still $21 for a boxed Nintendo with all the original inserts and manuals is a steal. At Savers and D.I. when they show up they want around $15 for one and it usually doesn’t have all the hookups.

The original box does have some marks on it that I am going to try and clean, but even if not it isn’t a big loss. It is in really great condition. Now I just need to get some games for this thing. Here is the auction link for anyone interested.


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