2 Hours Until the Event

There are two hours left until the “Let’s Rock” Apple media event. The rumors are a complete refresh of the entire iPod line. Some of the rumored features for the new iPod touch include an external speaker, and gps. These updates will put it closer to the iPhone. Another rumor is the iPod touch will feature software version 2.1 and will also be released for the iPhone. The rumors for the 2.1 software include directional gps, background push notifications for services such as Instant Messaging clients, and copy and paste. I will be stuck in a class until 11:15, but it will probably be that long before the new stuff starts to get announced. Luckily I have my laptop though, so i can still follow everything up to then. For those interested macrumors.com usually provides a live text feed of the event. Later on today anyone will be able to stream a video of the event from Apple’s website.

Update:I just noticed the Apple online store is now down. This is common practice before an event like this starts.

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