Apple Let’s Rock Event Wrap up

Okay here is all the great goodies from the Apple event. They introduced iTunes 8 which has a new Genius feature. The Genius will recommend songs you might like to purchase based on your current library. It also can create Genius playlists from your current library. What it will do is find similar songs that would go well together and put them in a playlist for you. Also now T.V. shows can be downloaded in HD. They also said NBC has now gone back to the fold and there shows will be available again on iTunes which includes my favorite Battlestar Galactica and Heroes which we have just started to get into.

The iPod classic is now only one model. They upgrade the 80 gig model to 120 and got rid of the 160. I was actually thinking the possibility they might discontinue the classic since most of the push lately has been for the touch and iPhone. However the touch and iPhone come nowhere near those storage sizes, so for those that downloaded all of Napster back in the day it makes sense to still offer the classic.

The nano has changed in shape. It used to be small and square, but now has a rectangular shape more like the old mini from back in the day. It is also offered in tons of colors. The interface has changed a little bit and they also added the accelerometer from the iPhone and touch. Now if you tilt the nano on its side the display changes to coverflow view. It also has a shuffle feature where you shake the nano and it will randomly pick a song.

New iPod touch now has an external speaker (so you can join in on the phonesaber battles), side volume control, and a thinner contour steeled design to match closer to the iPhone 3g. Also, a built in receiver for the Nike+iPod devices which track your milage while you run. Now has 2.1 software and it will be available for iPhone users on Friday with significantly improved battery life, fewer call drops, crashing problems, increased speed for iTunes backups and various other fixes.

Overall not a bad event. I was hoping for some new features in the 2.1 update, but I think Apple is trying to take care of all the hiccups that have happened first.

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