Mark Boudreaux in Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has a great article on Mark Boudreaux. I’m sure that name doesn’t really mean anything to most people, but if you have ever played with a Star Wars toy then you have played with one of his designs. Mark worked for Kenner back in the 70s and designed the original Millennium Falcon that every kid who grew up during that time remembers. That same design was reused again for the release of the Star Wars line again in the 90s up to this year when the original mold finally gave out. Mark now works for Hasbro who bought Kenner in the 90s. He designed the new Millennium Falcon that came out this year and many other Star Wars toys through the years. From the article it sounds like he happens to also be a Star Wars collector. It would be great to see some of the stuff I’m sure he has acquired over the years being an insider. He also says his favorite character is Boba Fett, so it makes me wonder if he has a rocket firing Boba Fett prototype or other cool stuff like that for the character.

Here is a direct link to the full article. It came up for me fine the first time, but then the site required me to register which is free.

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