MSTAR Outage

Sorry about the site being down. This morning when we woke up I noticed the internet wasn’t working. I rebooted my router just in case that had something to do with it but no go. When I got to work I tried to get to the site and it was dead. I then tried going to the MSTAR website and it wasn’t working either. It went up finally around 2:00 so I took off the parking page and then it appeared to go down again. I finally got home from work at 3:30 and rebooted the router again and everything and still no go. Finally, around 4:00 everything appears to be back up.

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  1. MSTAR and BROADWEAVE makes me VERY angry. Outages, un-realiable service, no customer-support with BROADWEAVE. But they have NO problem tacking on another $146 to your monthly bill.

    I knew it was too good to last. … Bunch of sell-outs.

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