School Started

I noticed it has been quite a while now since my last post. Yes I am still alive, but barely. School started last week and it has made things a little more hectic. So far I am liking my classes and don’t think I will have any major problems with them. In fact 3 of them I only attend once a week, so that is nice. The other 2 are twice a week and I have Fridays completely open. Wednesdays are my longest days. I am on campus pretty much from 8-7, so pretty much all day. The rest of the week isn’t as bad. My hardest class I think is going to be a writing class. We finally got a teacher assigned to the class yesterday and it is someone from the English department. He said we will have 5 papers to write throughout the course, so that will keep me pretty busy. The other class that will keep me pretty busy is Senior Projects. This semester we pick our project that involves a non profit organization and get all the paperwork out of the way. Next semester we will actually do the project. So far we have been assigned into our teams and we are now deciding on which project we want to take on. It should make for a busy semester, but hopefully not too bad.

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