Avoid EggSaver on Newegg

Last Wednesday I ordered 4 gigs of ram for my laptop. I’ve been using Newegg for over 5 years and have never has an issue. Back when I first started using Newegg they only used Fedex for shipping. When I get something shipped from their warehouse in California it would only take roughly 3 days to get to Utah. About a year or so ago they started using UPS for their low end shipping. Again this would take about the same time, so when I ordered the memory last Wednesday I figured it would be here probably Monday this week. On Thursday I got my tracking info and I saw they shipped DHL. I have never had a good experience with DHL, but figured well it did ship from their California warehouse, so it should still be about the same time. I followed the tracking and over the weekend for some reason they shipped it to Phoenix Arizona and then it said tendered to USPS. I figured still no big deal since again stuff from Arizona usually only takes a few days to get here, so I thought Wednesday at the latest it would be here and that was still within a week from ordering. Anyway, Wednesday passed and still no ram. I decided to google about this and found out that the eggsaver shipped stuff is all going this way and this issue has happened to a lot of people. Some of them even took over 2 weeks to get to their destination.

Today (Saturday) it finally arrived, so it took about a week and a half for me to get a package from California. I was also suprised to see that the memory was just shipped in a large padded envelope. I have always received packages in a box from Newegg. Luckily the ram was fine and I am using it right now as I type this. I still stand by Newegg they always have great prices and ship out fast. I just know from now on I’ll never use Eggsaver shipping again if I want my order here in a decent time frame.

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