New Luke Jedi Items

Over the last couple of weeks I have added a couple of items to my Luke Jedi focus I blogged about a while ago. The first is the Trillogo Luke Jedi. This version was mainly sold in European countries. During Return of the Jedi the packaging in Europe was standardized to this card back which features 3 languages. Somehow Kaybee imported a bunch of these, so they were actually available in the U.S. as well. I can tell from the price sticker tear that the one I got came from a Kaybee.

This one I received yesterday. It is the earliest cardback known as the 65A version. It has 65 figures on the back, but the ewok figures were blacked out as not to spoil the surprise for kids. A little while after the movie had been released they were updated to show the ewok figures which that cardback is known as the 65B. This Luke has the blue lightsaber and snap cape. As I said in the earlier article the blue saber was change to green to match the film and the snap cape also was changed to a sewn cape to probably help cut down the cost of the figure. That means this was probably one of the earliest Lukes available. I managed to find one of the older trailers for Revenge of the Jedi and if you go in about 20 seconds you will see some footage showing Luke’s blue lightsaber which was changed to green when the movie was released.

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