Xbox Problems Again

Over the weekend the xbox came up with an e68 error code and one red flashing light. My first thought was that I needed to retighten the bolts on the motherboard from the previous Red Ring of Death problem that I fixed. I looked up the error code and it looked like it could be two things. One the intercooler that I have attached could have been drawing too much power, so I removed it and booted up again. I still got the same error code. The other possibility was the hard drive. I took it off and then the 360 booted right up. I took the hard drive a part and hooked it up with a USB adapter. I used the software xplorer360 to check the files and everything looked fine and no clicks of death. I then found an article about putting a jumper on two of the pins with the hard drive and also found a youtube video showing the same thing. I decided to give it a shot and it worked. All my files are there and it boots right up. I want to find out what exactly that jumper does since this is really strange that it would work with it on there. Everything seems fine though. Here is a video that shows the process.

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